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* Do you know what DDNS is?

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DDNS or Dynamic DNS is an automated way of refreshing a name server.
It is a very useful solution, and it brings several benefits when you decide to apply it. The main ones are the following:

Economic – That is a benefit that cannot be neglected. DDNS makes it more affordable. There is no need to invest human resources and critical time in reconfiguring.

Practicality – Network administrators are going to be available to do more critical work. DDNS will do all the reconfiguring and checking settings for them.

Accessibility – You don't have to worry! Easily, you will be able to reach your server or website. So, in case your IP address changes, it won't interrupt any of your online activities or workflow.

If you are interested and you want to learn more, we suggest you take a look at the following article about what DDNS is!